SEO Company Birmingham Rolls Out Its Top 5 Themes for March 2015

Known in the web design industry for its standard use of responsive web design, Kimberley Jane Design assures its clients of the best possible means of viewing their websites across many devices or screens. Proof of their works of art is the following themes they announced as their Top 5 in March 2015.

Xmax Magazine Theme

This theme has features that users can easily customize according to their preferences. Its highly responsive quality is recognizable with the infinite number of sidebars it provides. There are several widgets also available that users can work with. Moreover, logos may be added to the theme to personalize it, and there are many theme options to choose from to further customize the design. For $40, users may opt for the version that has additional features such as bonus widgets and sliders, support for short codes and Google Fonts, and custom color schemes.

Fast News Magazine Theme

Also customizable, the Fast News Magazine theme is specially designed for use in websites with a magazine format. Its numerous features include an unlimited number of sidebars, a wide array of blog layouts and homepages to choose from, and a responsive design with a couple of sliders and some widgets thrown in. Users may then incorporate their own theme options and logo to make it more personalized. Google Fonts, a custom color scheme, and the addition of twelve widgets will be availed by users who purchase it at $45.

Sela Theme

It allows users to tailor it to their preferences by letting them upload their personal logos and change the background. Placement of social icons is made possible, and different templates are available to cater to specific website needs.

Boardwalk Theme

The Boardwalk Theme is a specially designed with SEO in mind to let its web design users make use of sliders on its front page, which adds an interesting dimension to its layout. Whilst it’s also good for SEO.

Author Theme

The main advantage of using the Author Theme is the speed and solid performance it offers, even though its demo version does not make use of caches. Its style sheets and scripts are made available for use in both minimized and uncompressed versions.